Equalize Shop, is a store website that was started with the intent of selling apparel such as t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. We founded Equalize Designz in Staten Island, NY just a few years ago the company has grown to be a major provider of affordable web design to small businesses throughout the tri-state area. Just recently we started this shop to for our new brand of apparel. With the shop we also offer a customer maker that allows the user to customize your own design for to make and ship to you.

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Christian Siddons I am founder of Equalize Designz I am a digital media artist and that includes graphic design, print design, and web design. I started out as a chef and I wanted to take pictures of my dishes and do designs for my website. Then I went to school and got my education in digital media arts I learned more then photography and web design. After graduation I started building up clientele and one thing lead to another now that I have a business I decided to make my own website for people view and see if need for any media work.